We enjoy what we do and take pride in our finished product. Are there other systems better than ours? Possibly so, but for the safety, the looks, and most of all the cost compared to other systems, your guest will think it’s a high-priced system and you won’t feel like you have paid too much!
On normal size decks, installations take about 1 or 2 days.
Our system is vented for enhancing air flow. You’ll always be comfortable!
The debris and water are channeled down and out through to the gutters. It is extremely simple, and without the cost of removing the panels or timely effort. We do recommend flushing the front gutter out once a year. This procedure will be explained upon installation of the system.
Yes, ceiling fans, outdoor lights, all sorts of media and screen porches, and sunrooms can be installed with the WLS Underdecking systems.
Each deck is different, so the price varies according to the size, complexity, and shape of the deck. Although we are usually more affordable than most systems, we have the superior look and finish as if you spent the fortune that some other drainage systems cost. Contact us for a free estimate.
No, after your system is installed feel free to stain or treat the area.
Yes, it comes with a 3 year warranty for the original owner.
Yes, it comes in a variety of 16 colors to choose from.
WLS UnderDecking is not a freestanding system like many others. Our system is attached to the deck with a 24-gauge panel that locks tightly together, giving a streamlined look while supporting heavy loads of water and ice for safety. Most other systems are simply laid atop the gutter, without any structural support other than the gutter, which can cause system collapsing. Our system was originated for commercial type usage and we have created a home system that’s durable and beautiful.